How Krause House is harnessing fans’ creativity into an AI-assisted design experience with a community

A New Frontier

Generative image AI models like Midjourney & DALLE2 are game changing tools for individual creators, but at Krause House we see something different. These generative image AI models are single player, but the future is multiplayer.

We've recently seen the idea of multiplayer proliferate in tooling such as Figma, Pitch, Google Docs, & countless more. Social DAOs broadly are part of the multiplayer movement, but even more specifically with tools like PartyBid. When we see a field, such as design, that has been predominately single player & prescriptive... we get excited about applying both generative + multiplayer to our use cases at Krause House.

Decentralized Design

Krause House is a DAO — but we're also a visual vibe. We've had incredibly talented designers help us form this vibe (shoutout to Peacenode & Applied Arts), but we've struggled with applying our vibe to the world.

We've mostly seen two models in the wild: centralized and license-based. Both of these models exist as predominately single player.

Centralized is the model that most humans are familiar with. The firm finds a talented designer, the designer designs. They may or may not get feedback from others (typically a smaller group and/or their superior) & then a decision is made on what to do with the creation (typically from their superior).

Projects like BAYC & Moonbirds experiment on the fringes with this model. We too have licensed KH's brand, but typically to existing Jerrys working to propel our mission forward like at our event at While the distribution of the rights to use our designs is decentralized, the second order work built upon the license is often still centralized.

A new entrant: Generative
There's a flurry of excitement around the power of DALLE2 & Midjourney. The power it unleashes for a new wave of creators is immense. Pixel pushers' value just went down, but dreamers' value is sky rocketing. We'll call this new wave of design: generative.

While these new tools are incredibly powerful, they're still single player. We believe the incredibly exciting future is inherently multiplayer. We've built an example to showcase our philosophy: Drip Factory.

What is Drip Factory?

Inspired by Eugene Wei's Status as a Service, we began exploring the idea of implementing "Proof of Work" constrained intentionally for our community. Instagram famously made a new user feel like a pro: take a photo, pick a filter, now you have a beautiful photo to show off. We wanted to create this same feeling for our community.

We abstracted away the lengthy optimized prompts behind a mad-lib of emojis & buttons to generate your design. Now anyone is a merch designer, pick a few variables & let the AI do it's thing. If you like it, publish it for the collective. People can remix your design & inject their own flavor.

As the community creates & remixes each other's designs, this gives us a stream of designs to start reacting to. What's fire? What's trending? What do we as a collective love? What rises to the top is what we should spend time & resources bringing into physical reality?

Why is this important?

As collectives begin to own & manage complex assets, tools like Drip Factory help amplify the right voices, the right designs, the right work. One of the biggest concerns we hear from pro sports teams' front offices is having 100,000 voices shouting a mess of different opinions. What we're building at Krause House is a way to harness the collective's power & talent. It's about building apps like Drip Factory to collectively & meritocratically make decisions.

In the future, we will deploy this project to the NBA team that we own. Millions of fans of a single team will come together to create fan-designed merch. The ideal system takes contributions by not only talented designers, but by an army of AI-assisted designers. It's the evolved form of crowdsourcing.

This is a sliver of the vision we're working to bring to reality at Krause House. In this case, building tooling to harness the power of millions to assist with design & merch for an organization. In future cases, it will be solving for decentralized scouting networks, decentralized analytics, & so much more. Krause House is building a future where we're giving ownership experiences without ownership responsibilities.

The future is generative. The future is multiplayer. The future is Krause House.

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